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by | Feb 17, 2022

Lots going on this week, all good.

Tomorrow i travel to Baltimore to meet with Dr. Sardi.  It will be an all day affair and I think I am more excited to get crabs to eat than I am to meet Dr Sardi.  I have to have my priorities in line.  I hope to hear another perspective from a doctor with experience in appendiceal cancer, if that is what this is.  I still haven’t heard a definitive diagnosis and am getting tired of hearing We Think.

If this is appendiceal then it puts me in a class of people who really have to fight treatment.  With rare diseases, there is less funding, research and knowledge.  Time to put on my self advocation hat.  Nothing is ever easy in my world.

Yesterday I finally had the chest xray the Oncologist is bugging me for.  After I had the laparoscopic procedure I had a little cough which seems to have subsided.  My biggest fear from yesterday is if I will receive a ticket from the red lights i ran, darn cameras.

Won’t be heading to Pittsburgh this weekend.  Track meet calls for Luke, his last of the winter track season.  I will just have to wait to hug mom.  Being a mom if always fun.  Anyone around this weekend wanna hang out?

That is it for today.  Gotta into work for which again I am forever grateful!


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