Coldest Day of the Year

by | Jan 11, 2022

Definitely something I don’t want to hear but I have already decided NOT to leave the house today.  No need to freeze my body, in fact I might put a space heater in the office today.

Not much to report other than we escaped a COVID scare.  Luke’s Dad texted this week to let me know he was not feeling well and was scheduled for a test within the week.  I can tell when he gets flustered and probably “ready to die” so I offered him one of the tests I had at my house.  To clarify, I am not hoarding them.  We had another close contact the week before so when I was buying a test at CVS I bought extras knowing, with a teenager, I would probably need them.  Little did I know who I would need it for.  Anyway, his test was positive but thankfully Luke came up negative.  Still COVID free and hope to stay that way.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of touring KIN with Keith and Kristina Fennimore.  What a gift to have such a place in our community.  They will be offering FREE services to cancer patients.  Services like reiki, chiropractic, massage, yoga and many more.  I am truly blessed to live in such an awesome community.  The crazy thing about my trip there was as I was leaving I was thinking of all the ways I could help them rather than let them help me.  I will definitely return once they are fully up and running.  Thank you for all you are doing Keith and Kristina.

Today I have gratitude for the helpers, those who look out for others over themselves, for crazy dogs who run around the house like it is on fire and for the love of my son who put all the Christmas decorations away for me all while I slept.


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