by | Aug 13, 2021

Today is my second day post chemo which I had through IV this past Wednesday, my der friend Karen volunteered to spend the day with me and it was a long one.  I am actually still receiving chemo treatment, they sent me home with a pump that will continue to deliver the chemo at a very slow rate for 46 hours post infusion.  Pumpy, as Eric and I have been calling him goes home today when a home nurse will come out to disconnect it.  I will be glad to see Pumpy got, her takes up was too much room in my bed and doesn’t allow me to sleep on my belly.

I am feeling pretty good, better than I thought I would.  I had a little nausea this morning but I was given anti nausea pills to keep at home just in case.  A little tired but not sure if it is the  chemo or if it is the restless night from listening to Pumpy all night.  Either way, tonight will be an early bed night and I will sleep on my stomach.

Work had been such a blessing.  I started a new job on June 7 with a Healthcare Market Research firm.  I LOVE the company, the people and the culture. At first it was a little triggering because we work on a lot of cancer research projects but one of the things I love about the company is the work they do for others to find cures.  I am a part of that and it makes my job even more rewarding.

As for my diagnosis, they still don’t have all the tests back and they still don’t know the origin.  Finding the origin is important because it will allow for more targeted therapies for treatment.  As another friend reminded me, I can’t stress about the origin but need to be glad I am on chemo and fighting to get the little Fuckers out.  They better get out, I have things I need to do.

Oh and walking has been on hold for a few days due to the excessive heat we are having.  I miss my time outside with the birds and the bunnies but feel it is better to stay inside until the heat drops a bit.

Hope you have a great weekend


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