Chemo Day Round 2

by | Aug 25, 2021

Today is the second day of my chemotherapy treatment.  At 9:30 this morning I will be hooked up to the chemicals that will fight my cancer cells and send them on their way.  There is also the  return of Pumpy who I get to share the next two days with.

Pumpy is the thing that gives me the most anxiety and I am not really sure why.  I think it is the constant reminder it brings that I am sick and am fighting.  I have always been so healthy and now to be so sick that I need to carry Pumpy with me everywhere is kind of scary.  I know I need to keep my mind focused on the good that Pumpy brings.  Without Pumpy I would be in the hospital hooked up to an IV, I would not be receiving the medication that will kill the cancer cells that have invaded my body, I would not be able to be available for Luke when he needs me and Pumpy also provides some comic relief such as when Eric needs to remind me to take Pumpy along on my middle of the night bathroom breaks.  So I guess the idea that Pumpy is a good thing, a friend, should be how I move into the next 48 hours.  It is only 48 hours after all.

I won’t just have Pumpy with me through this next round of chemo, I will have God by my side the entire time.   I will have the well wishes, thoughts and prayers of my friends and family and I will have Eric there too.  I am grateful for all those things.

I have been blessed to have Eric with me.  As a divorced mother of two, I have spent all of my time focused on taking care of Brooke and Luke and making sure they were safe.  There have been many mountains to climb and I have done it alone and without regard for my health or mental well being.  When I look back at the challenges we faced I am in awe of how I held it all together.  Ok there were moments when I didn’t hold it together so well but the three of us made it through.

I don’t know how to take care of myself.  What does that mean exactly?  I am learning how to do that and am grateful that Eric is with me along this journey.

If you pray, please pray at 9:30 this morning that the chemo goes in and does it’s job, kill those little Fuckers.  Please pray that the side effects are minimal and pray for those closet to me  are ok with what I am going through.



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