Being Kind to my self

by | Dec 23, 2021

Why it so hard to remember kindness for the person we should show it to the most?  I was reminded this week to be kind to Luke’s and Brooke’s mom, otherwise known as me.  I still have an important role to play in their lives even though I am fighting for myself.  I need to be around for them so that means being kind to myself, allowing myself to feel like crap some days, chemo = poison and the cumulative affects are hard and enjoying the hell out of days that I feel good.

This weekend was hard, I am  not going to lie.  I am still dealing with some bowel issues that are causing discomfort.  Good thing I have a CT scan scheduled for today so that will help determine if the symptoms I am feeling are anything to worry about.  I will keep reminding myself of the good news received after the last CT scan until I am told otherwise.

This past week, I had a Facebook experience with a friend.  I am not scrolling Facebook but Eric saw the post and pointed it out to me.  Basically this was from a friend who wanted to know why people use the word fight when they describe their cancer journey.  She then went as far as to say people who use the word fight during their cancer journey must think that those who lose the cancer battle must not have fought.  How small minded.  Here is my PSA, everyone with cancer fights, they fight to the best of their abilities, some win and some lose and that is not up to us to decide.  I have friend right now who is on Hospice who I have watched fight cancer for the last 12 years.  Do I think she didn’t fight?  Absolutely not!!  I watched her fight even as she still is right now.  God will decide when to let her fight end.

I guess the point of the PSA is Facebook should not be a place to spew negative ideas, think about what you post before you post it, think about how your words are affecting the people you are reaching.  Are they uplifting or are the covered in sadness, anger, hate, insert any negative word here.  Be a spreader of happiness, faith, and love.  Also, remember you are not in the place of the people you are attacking.  As I was going through a time when I was not feeling good, I needed assurances from my friend, not a reason to let her know how I felt.  We can do better.


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