Be Kind

by | Dec 6, 2021

Getting up early in the morning is relaxing to me.  It gives me time to set my mind for the day, I also get to check email, facebook, linkedin and all the sale ads I am receiving.  It is also the only time of the day I can really just let down and relax.  Today, after a long weekend on the couch, I start back to work after a few days off for my birthday.  I know there are emails waiting and some are probable pretty urgent.  By setting my mind for the day I can enter my office knowing I can handle whatever is thrown at me.

Another bonus of waking up early is it is the only time I sit and watch the news.  Today my heart was warmed as the reporters told a story of a Dunkin Donuts worked who had been evicted from her home.  She has small children so I can’t imagine how her heart must have sunk knowing she would not have a home for Christmas.  It turns out there are still good people out there. A customer notice the staff member was absent and when she found out why, she made a point of finding a furnished place for the displaced worker.  How amazing to be able to offer that gift of hope to a complete stranger.  I don’t know for sure how I would feel being able to help someone that way but I can imagine it would feel pretty incredible.  I want to keep doing things that feel so very good.  I really think if people chose to replace the anxiety feeling of not doing good with the heart warming that comes from doing good, we would be in a much better place as a society.

I will continue to look for opportunities to help rather than break down.

Gratitude:  Long weekends of relaxation, Dark cold mornings with my cup of coffee, season changes that remind us to keep moving forward.


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