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by | Apr 21, 2022

Today I start back on the chemo train  Time to buckle up and offer my best Choo Choo. I have enjoyed a longer than normal break from treatment and am feeling strong and ready to move forward.

I have lots of questions for my doctor today and feel like I want to know more.  I want to know more about my treatment options and future.  Are there any clinical trials I can become involved in?  Is there a different chemo option?  How can my Oncologist and i work better as a team to develop the best plan for me?  I realized I want my Oncologist to communicate more with me.  When my CT scan results come in, I want someone from his office to call and review the results with me.  I am not a doctor and sometimes reading the results myself sends my mind into a death spiral.  i also want to start talking with him about alternative treatments.

I have been reading about a new procedure called car-T ( I think that is the proper abbreviation).  It is similar to how immunizations work.  Basically they take some of the cancer out, evaluate it in a lab then reinject it with the idea your immune system will go on high alert to fight it.  i don’t know if I am a candidate for the procedure but I won’t know if I don’t ask,

Please pray that I am able to effectively communicate with my Oncologist to develop a mutually beneficial relationship and that my body will take in the chemo and use it to slash, behead and destroy the cancer cells.  Remember Vikings Valhall.


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