Another Sunrise

by | Nov 1, 2021

It is still early and dark outside but I am excited waiting for the sunrise.  It is another time I get to experience the great gift of God when the beautiful colors of Fall will be displayed again.  My time in the morning, before the sunrise and all the noise of the day, is a well needed time to read and pray…..and also get caught up on the news from the day before.  I love reading my Jesus Calling reminders of God’s presence in my life.  I am not the best at making sure to think of God in all things but these daily reminders are helping me get better at that.

Today is the start of a new week.  It is a week full of promise and expectation, it is also a chemo week.  This week will be the first week climbing down the ladder of treatment.  I finally have a better idea of the protocol and it will involve 12 rounds of chemo.  This week will be treatment number 7 or after this week I have 5 more treatments.

I don’t have the results from the CT scan back yet but considering it didn’t take the doctor long to reach put after the first scan, I am going with no news is good news.  I will have a chance on Thursday to meet with the doctor and review the results of my scan.  I already know they are going to show the chemo is working as I feel great and the fat rolls on my stomach, remember I appreciate them now, continue to return.

Work has been crazy busy and Friday was the first time since I started that I was feeling overwhelmed.  I heard Q4 was a busy one but wow, I couldn’t imagine.  I actually logged in for a bit yesterday to get a head start on this week.  All is good though because I enjoy the busy time because it helps me stay focused on what I can.

This was also a Luke weekend and I always look forward to my time with him.  I was always a little worried when he was younger, her has a little temper…..hmmmmmm, but now he is such a sweet and kind young man.  I am so grateful for the time I get to spend with him.  My favorite time is when we are both laying on the couch head to head watching some goofy show he picked out.  I tend to fall a sleep so he constantly checks on me to make sure I am still watching.  He also ran his last CX meet on Sunday in Downingtown.  We drove to the meet together and got to watch the sunrise and talk.  I am so proud that he chose to miss Halloween parties on Saturday so he could wake up early for the drive then the race.  He was the only athlete to run unattached which basically means the event hosted 11 teams and Luke. We also got his first college applications submitted, how is it even possible.  Penn State and Auburn are his first choices.  Now we wait!

My gratitude for today:  Weekend time with the ones I love, The beautiful sunrises of the Fall, Treatment that is working and making me well.


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