And….Pumpy returns

by | Sep 8, 2021

Round three of chemo starts today.  We have an earlier appointment today so hopefully I can get a half day of work in.  So today at 8am I will start my third round of Folfox at Jefferson.  So far the side effects have been minimal, some tingling in my feet and hands and difficulty swallowing anything cold.  My stomach however has had big changes to it.  I no longer have cramps waking me up in the middle of the night, I am sleeping well, and the daily discomfort is decreasing with every day.  I know I said it before but I have never been more grateful for the rolls of fat and muffin top that I spent years beating myself up for.  If only I could have appreciated them more before my diagnosis.  Today I welcome them.

A friend bought the Book “Radical Remission” for me.  The premise of the book is nine things folks who experienced remission have done to encourage their healing.  While it might take me a while to implement all nine life changes, I have add some of the easier ones.  I bought a water purifier for my drinking water, I have cut added sugars and white flour mostly from my diet, I exercise (walk) every day I can and the best one is I try to make sure I laugh throughout the day.  As you can imagine, receiving a cancer diagnosis changes your thoughts.  I am typically an upbeat and happy person who loves to be in the presence of others.  After my diagnosis, it has been a daily struggle to keep focused on things that bring me joy.  Making time in my day to LOL breaks the pattern of fear and loss that sometimes creeps in.  Laughter is always a good thing.

In my therapy session with Helen last night she asked me how my friends could show me love.  Receiving love from others is also listed as one of the nine changes that can impact remission.  I told her that I just want to be with others.  Spending time with others and talking about life outside of cancer brings me joy and distraction.  There are and will be times I might not feel up to company but please know that is only temporary.  I want to be distracted.

My gratitude for today: I am grateful for chemotherapy that battles bad cells within my body, the ability to have a good night sleep so my body can properly heal and friends who love me and support me.



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