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by | Jan 31, 2022

I haven’t written in a while guess it has to do with both not wanting talk about the elephant in the room and my  not wanting to talk about and dwell in the bad/

Where am I now? I have been off chemo for two weeks in preparation  for the diagnostic procedure I had lest week.  Being off chemo can bring it own version of mixed emotions. One side of the battle is the belief the chemo must be spreading.  Every little “feel” in my stomach is the damn cells mutating, yes I know it doesn’t happen that way but boy does the mind want to tell me something.

Then there is the other side, that always fighting to remain calm and in a good place.  It is a constant battle as things are always changing.

I was ever so grateful for Eric this weekend and his constant mother hen checks in on me.  What a   wonderful companion to have on this journey.

Next Steps – Because my neuropathy has gotten pretty bad and is now stating to affect my daily life, I have never dropped so many dished in my life, I will be switching to a new chemo cocktail Folfiri next week.  Supposedly there are no neuropathy side effects but there  are other things to think about is hair loss, good vs evil.

Pathology reports from my procedure are starting to come back.  They are stating my cancer is a “rare” strain.  Both the Oncologist and surgeon feel it started in my appendix.  I don’t know if I shared before but I bet your thoughts are this is easy  just go in and remove the appendix, well, once again when the surgeon tried find my appendix, it was completely gone,  The surgeon thinks it had become full of caner then ruptured, then sending cancer cells throughout my body.  I don’t know if I ever even had an appendix but we will go with the doctors.

Appendicial cancer is a rare disease and as such there is not much research or clinical trials.  I would like to find a specialist in appendicial cancer who has some experience with treatment options.  If I have to travel I will.  I didn’t even know the appendix could get cancer, it has no other function in the human body.

I have had two prior exploratory and don’t remember either one mentioning the appendix.  Guess I need to go back and read the operative reports.

Please keep praying and thank you everyone who has brought food.  I love seeing you smiling faces when you drop by.

Today’s gratitude: for restful weekends that allow us to reset and prepare for the week, for the knowledge to drain fluid from the abdomen, what a relief and for spring which I swear I smell getting ready to bloom.



















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