by | Apr 5, 2022

Not sure how I am feeling today.  It was a busy few days with CT scans and travel to Baltimore, yesterday’s trip required a 3:30 AM departure, thankfully Eric is a good sport!

I saw Dr. Sardi in Baltimore for a consult of my CT scan and preop for my diagnostic laparoscopy last
Wednesday.  I was feeling optimistic for HIPEC approval; my stomach was not bloated and I am having no pain.  Apparently that was not enough to receive approval for the more complicated surgery.  What Dr. Sardi found on the CT scan was tumors throughout my small intestines. Unfortunately the small intestine has too many important life sustaining functions that it cannot be sliced and diced like the colon.

Where does that leave me?  Scared for sure! Obviously the ultimate goal is to get the shit out of my stomach then zap my abdomen with chemo.  This is a good time to remind myself that ;life doesn’t happen on my time.  My time now is to trust, believe and have faith.  No it isn’t going to be easy and I am not giving up.

I have to look for the things I can control and focus on alternative medicine to help my body fight and heal.  In my arsenal I have my faith, RSO, CBD/CBG/CBC, sleep, chaga and other forms of alternative healing.  This is where I will choose to focus my attention, thing within my control.

This week is another busy week but I will get through one day at a time.  My stitches come out tomorrow and I get a free weekend with Eric without chemo.  I will get me walking/breakfast group back together and I will start run/walking again, I bought my first pair of Hokas for inspiration.  I am also looking into travel again.

Irony of the day:  I have the news on in the background and they showed a clip from Start Wars (an original one) and CP3O starts throwing out the odds of making it through the asteroid fields, in fear, to Han Solo.  Apparently Han is about to undertake a mathematically impossible flight.  I love Han’s response – “Never tell me the odds


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