by | Feb 22, 2022

Today I go back to work after a nice long weekend.  I was off yesterday for Presidents Day and Friday to visit a new surgeon in Baltimore.  Dr Sardi was recommended to me by a friend of a friend and I loved everything about the visit.  Dr. Sardi and his team get it.  They have a ton of experience in appendix cancers and the HIPEC  procedure.  He didn’t make any promises but it was them first place to talk longer term survival  I found my A team!

I have a plan too.  Three more rounds of chemo, then CT scan, then laparoscopy so he can take look inside and decide if he can perform surgery.  He did tell me that my doctors and I have done all the right things.  He can go in fresh if he thinks surgery is an option.  Many prayers that it is.

I did ask him how I can be feeling so good if the cancer is so bad.  Of course he didn’t know but did say that plays well into my surgery possibilities.  Again many prayers and fingers crossed that I can have the surgery. My only complaints are this neuropathy really sucks.  I have found that wearing fingerless gloves helps, it does make it a little more difficult to type.  I will not complain because  I know it could be  much worse.

Hoping to get a walk  before the rain AND I get to see my energy healer today.


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