The Sun is Out!!

by | Feb 10, 2022

Where did this beautiful weather come from?  Time to get off my butt back to walking outside.  If you see me out there walking PLEASE say hi.  I need people right now.

Yesterday was a big day, chemo day and the addition of some immunotherapy.  The idea is still the same, to continue the shrinking.  Then chemo changed was because my body said it was fine with the platinum based chemo.  While it proved to be effective, my body was very loud in it’s letting me know it was finished, just typing this difficult because of the neuropathy.  Remember the 9 liters of fluid?  No more build ups and no more draining.  I have always found the body to be amazing with all it can do.

So what do I have to look forward to?  A continuing decline in the neuropathy and it’s nasty numbness, possible mouth sores,  a change in my bathroom habits that may require me to remain close to the potty and a slight increase in hair loss.

What can I do to prepare myself to deal with these new speed bumps?  CELEBRATE the declining neuropathy, drink lots of water to keep my mouth moist and fend off any sores, this will be so much easier without the neuropathy, stay as close to the bathroom as In can, no I will not be working from the toilet seat and, unfortunately, not get my hair colored since it would add to any hair loss, I will be investing in new, not sporty, headbands.

My gratitude today is big for being able to adapt, like water, and change.  I feel good today and I give that all God!  Thank you Lord for a positive perspective.



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