4 liters of fluid is equal to about 9 pounds

by | Jan 6, 2022

So yesterday I was able to have my stomach drained from the fluid that had been causing such discomfort.  OMG – did you know there could be 4 liters, 2 pepsi or coke bottles, of fluid in an open space?  I had no idea and am sure the doctors and nurses were amused by my sense of shock as I looked at what had quickly drained out of my abdomen.  The samples will now be sent our for testing for cancer, infection and anything else that could be in the fluid.   All I know is that I can breathe again and getting off the couch does not require assistance anymore.

This was all followed by my visit with Dr Bowne, a surgeon at Jefferson on Tuesday.  I am glad I took the time to meet with him.  His first words to me as he walked into my room were “you look really good”.  I guess I do since my hair has only thinned and not fallen completely out.  Lately I have found gratitude in my hair as I don’t know how I would stay warm without it.

I am learning though this journey that treatment plans are not set in stone and get more dialed in with every doctor visit and every test.  At this point Dr. Bowne can’t say if I am a candidate for cytoreductive surgery but he is planning for a diagnostic laparoscopy to see what is gong in inside.  That should be within the next two weeks and will allow him to further plan.  He will also send tissue out for all kinds of testing. So far, if I have the surgery, the plan is to remove my ovaries, not removed during my partial hysterectomy in 2014, my appendix, this is where they think the cancer started, remove the larger tumor and remove my omentum.  The wild card is the omentum because there could be organs underneath that have been affect but not showing on my current scans. We did look at my CT scans with Dr. Bowne and I am glad he did.  There were times I could feel his excitement by what he saw.

Today, I need to figure out how to get daily exercise into my day.  I think when I was walking more it helped to keep the fluid from building up.   Anyone have a treadmill they want to lend out for a few months?

Today my gratitude is for the ability to live so close to medical care when it is needed,  Being able to sleep on my stomach without feeling like I might pop and for the improvements in medical are that allow for things such as fluid drains to be fast and painless.


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