Cramps, Farts and Chemicals

by | Aug 18, 2021

Why is there so much cramping?

Since receiving chemo last week my stomach has become a cramping, bloating, feeling like it could explode mess.  I had been sleeping well but the cramping has started waking me up and keeping me up.  But last night I slept well again thanks to some anti cramping medication from my doctor.  There are times on my walks when I have to stop and bend into a ball until I can fart, yes I said fart, and continue walking. Eric always enjoys those moments

I am looking at this as a time when all the little fuckers are being given their eviction notices and being forcefully shown to the exit.  GET OUT!  THIS IS MY BODY!

I do think I need to drink more water to help with the mass exodus and I will get on that today.  I have been reading a book that suggests 9 things I can do for myself to overcome this disease.  One of them is to drink filtered water only.  It is interesting to me but makes sense.  Our Tap water is full of so many chemicals, some good and some bad,  including fluoride, which is supposed to be good for you and your teeth. I am going to remove as many chemicals as I can from my body to help win this battle.

Sugar is another no no for cancer.  Did you know the PET scan that is used to determine where cancer is in your body relies on sugar to signify cancer spots.  They literally light up on the scan.  For me, there was not much lighting up so we are looking to additional testing to identify the source.  I thought I was a healthy eater but when I had my Blood sugar tested before this journey it was 114.  Just a few weeks in and really watching what I eat, it is now down to 84.  Not giving cancer the sugar it thrives on starves it and sends it on it’s way.  So no sugar for me and I really don’t miss it.  If I can starve the little fuckers, I will.

Time to head out for me walk, I think Jennine was just texting to see if we were going.  Exercise, another positive activity I can do for myself to win this battle.



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