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by | Jan 3, 2022

15-20%!  That is how much my tumors have shrunk since I saw my oncologist last week.  That is almost a quarter of the size.  The way chemo works is it takes some time for it to start building up and working.  The chemo that shrunk my tumors thus far was probably given to me a few weeks ago.  To me, that means there is only more shrinking to come.   WooHoo!  get the F out you little Fuckers!

All that is great news and it doesn’t come with some negatives.  My neuropathy is worse than ever, I actually fell in the bathroom last night and I am also experiencing some fluid retention the Oncologist thinks is related to the chemo.  Funny but I forgot what it felt like to be 9 months pregnant but this is how it goes.  Anyway apparently it is no big deal to stick a needle in my abdomen and drain the fluid.  It could be up to three liters which is a ton but once it is gone I should be feeling a lot better.

Surgery……yes I see the surgeon at Jefferson this week.  This will be the first time seeing him so I am curious to see what he says, especially with the shrinking tumors.  Please pray that I am candidate for the CSR with HIPEC procedure that could remove the cancer all together.  I did see the surgeon at Fox Chase last year and he wanted me to be on chemo a few more rounds before making a decision.  I go back to him the end of the month hopefully with questions from the Jefferson Surgeon,.

Today us also my last day of winter break for work.  I am so blessed to work for Adelphi and have enjoyed relaxing this last week as out office was closed.  Hopefully I can get the Christmas decorations put away and hopefully Luke will be here to help.  School was cancelled today due to COVID absenteeism with the teachers.  I hope this is the last day we have this but the whole subject is so volatile, especially at Central Bucks.  We actually made the national news because of it.

Either way it will mean more time at home with Luke.  Time is so precious right now as he is submitting his college applications.  So far we have been accepted at Penn State and Baylor with about five more schools to respond.  I hope he chooses to forge his own way and not accept to Penn State, yes it is sacrilege for an alumni to say that and I might even be struck by lightening but I just feel he needs to spread his wings and find out who he is without the influences of his parents.

Also please pray for Brooke as she continues to struggle with her mental health. It is hard for me this time to not be there by her side but I understand that this is what she has chosen.  I have not spoken with her since Mother’s Day and for the life of me don’t know what happened other than a 20 year who thinks they are a “grown ass adult”  without all the necessary skills to manage her way into adulthood.  I honestly have no ill feelings towards her and I know she didn’t make these decisions alone.  It is not my place to judge and I know there will be some tough conviction down the road.

So good news as I continue to feel well other than wanting to sleep all the time but sleep is what I need to fight off the war going on inside my body.

Happy New Year and be WELL!


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